Online Job Openings for foreign-trained RNs

  1. How do you know if they are bogus or not?
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    Quote from nursecpa
    How do you know if they are bogus or not?
    Almost all agencies have their won websites and they have online sites where you can apply. If you are really want to know if they are bogus or not, go to their customer list, which is the list of hospitals they are providing nurses with. Get in touch with those hospitals to verify the existence of the agency. This is just my suggestion.

    By the way, it is common here for nurses to apply for work to hospitals online but I don't know if this is applicable to foreign nurses outside of the US unless the hospital is willing to petition/sponsor foreign nurses.

    Good luck!
  4. by   suzanne4
    If going the on-line route, do it only thru legitimate hospitals. There are way too many bogus agencies out there right now.