Officially Accepted!!

  1. :hatparty: whoopie!! :hatparty:

    i just got an acceptance letter today and i'm officially acccepted into the rpn program at conestoga college!!

    has anybody else been through their program? is there anyone else going to start the rpn/lpn program in september?

    :hatparty: :hatparty:
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  3. by   Mika8
    :hatparty: Congrats!:hatparty: I am also starting in Sept :hatparty: !! I just haven't decided which school !haha
  4. by   Tashia
    Oh! Do you mean you got accepted to Conestoga Too?
  5. by   Mika8
    hey, no sorry i got accepted to humber-unb and georgian-york
  6. by   thegiver
    Im headed for CC in the fall. It would be great to get to know someone before classes begin!
  7. by   linzz
    This post is four years old.
  8. by   thegiver
    lol omg it is.
  9. by   Teebee5
    Good for you!