NY nursing from England

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    Hi everybody!
    Ok, this is just a quick Q really....... How do you go about doing nursing in a NY hospital from England?
    I want to come over in maybe 2 yrs, but i was curious really of the criteria to British nurses working in NY. Im 4 months qualified in theatre nursing in recovery. Maybe irrelevent, but i am doing my additional registration in Mental Health Nursing.
    There is a link between theatre nursing & mental health nursing if you think hard enough


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  3. by   EnergizerNurse
    What is theatre nursing?
  4. by   suzanne4
    Theatre nursing is the British equivalent of OR nursing.

    I am moving this thread to the International forum, where it is more appropriate. If you graduated fairly recently, you are going to have make up hours in peds and maternal health to qualify for licensure in the US.

    Please start with the sticky called "The Primer" that is found on the International Forum at the top and that will answer many questions that you have.