Nursing Times careers convention

  1. Today was my day off, and I spent it by going to the NT career fair in Manchester, which was mostly a waste of time, there were only local employees not the national trusts we had been promised, and by the time our coach had landed after the driver got very lost all the seminar places were booked up!!!

    The only reason I have not said it was a complete waste of time, is that it was a day off from University and I got loads of freebies!

    15 black biros
    1 blue biro (i can not believe how many pens I got)
    1 mug
    1 tax disk holder
    4 fuzz bugs
    1 chocolate muffin
    3 keyrings
    3 badges
    1 snap link badge chain

    Oh and an NT and some prep information and agency and international agency information

    Not a bad haul huh?

    but now I have to go back to the real world of writing my essay, oh well! only 3900 words to go
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  3. by   Chunter

    never considered going to one, and probably never will now!!!!

    Thanks for making me laugh !!
  4. by   Whisper
    I am hoping the RCN student day will be better... if not, well you can never have too many black pens! :chuckle