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  1. Hello fellow nurses! I have read some posts from nurses in Ireland. I just received my An Bord decision letter which requires me to undergo adaptation period prior to gaining my Irish nursing registration (I am an overseas nurse). Can anyone please give some information about nursing agencies or hospital hirings in Ireland at this moment? I've been googling about this matter already, and maybe there are nurses here who can help me. The complex thing is, in order for an applicant to get adaptation, he should have a hospital employer first; but the catch is.. in order for you to get hired by an employer, you have to finish your adaptation first. How's that!

    Any words of enlightenment will surely be appreciated. By the way, I am already here in Ireland.
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    not to be pessimistic but nurses are leaving Ireland because of the lack of jobs definatly in the public hospitals. try some of the private hospitals. The Galway private, mater private st vincints private etc. say hello to the emerald isle for me. its a year this week since i was there!