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  1. Hi all,

    Wanting to know the state of all areas of nursing in Canada and more specifically psychiatric. I am from New Zealand and would like to share what it is like here.
    What are the conditions like, what level of nurses are there and the type of training you do.
    Are the pay rates reasonable, and the cost of living.
    I am exploring options.
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  3. by   adrienurse
    Having an aunt who lives in NZ, by all reports, the cost of living is much more affordable here in Canada. Winnipeg is an especially affordable place to live (If you can stand the elongated winter season). There are opportunities for employment in psychiatric nursing, both for RNs and Registered Psychiatric Nurses. There is a shortage everywhere, but some places are worse off then others. If enquiring about jobs, I would enquire about the number of empty positions in the facility/unit -- this is a good indicator of the working conditions and morale.

    I personally make $23/hr (CDN) without counting shift premiums etc... Some nurses in other provinces can make as much as $30/hr (general duty nurses), but this is proportional to the standard of living in the area (this varies from province to province).

    I hope this helps. Any more questions -- just ask, or PM me.