nursing in australia

  1. Does anyone know if uk nurses can work in australia with a 3 year diploma, or do we have to have a degree?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Suggest that you check out the Aussie forum, this has been discussed many times there in the past.
  4. by   pie_face
    absolutely not a problem, google 'nsw nurse registration board', or 'anmc' for links to all aussie boards. What are your career plans? or are you just interested in the travel options, I would'nt believe the things you hear about over here, nursing wise, i've found it like going back in time to the 80's! feel free to pm me if you wish.
  5. by   paedsnurse
    i am a uk nurse (diploma level) working in NSW, as a paediatric trained nurse i am restricted to nursing children only-this suits me fine. However it does cause a few problems when my ward is closed as they are limited to where they can send me... For the most part though its not a problem....
  6. by   Sabby_NC
    deb where do you wish to work in australia? i am originally from tasmania. trained and worked there most of my nursing career until moving to the usa in 2000.
    i wish you well in your endeavours to work in oz.
    let us know how you go ok?