Nurse Practitioners in Canada

  1. Hello All,
    I'm trying to research the Nurse Practitioner programs in Canada. Are there any NPs out there that can give me their opinions on the best programs in the country? I'm looking for a pediatric care focus. Would like to do pediatric critical care. I know adult critical care streams and neonatal streams are more popular. Also what is the main difference between CNS and NPs?
    Thanks everyone for any advice, info you can give me.
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  3. by   canadiangradschoolrn
    In Ontario the only pediatric NP program is at the University of Toronto. The only neonatal NP program is at Mcmaster University. CNS only require a MN. Most clinical nurse specialist work in hospitals combining education, clinical practice and research. For instance, they may work in the hospital on wound care, consult related to it, participate in research and educate other nurses. They can also work for example in a emergency department, help in program development of a program to reduce falls for older people. This are just examples. Generally, CNS are less clinical, more program planning, more research more education. If you are a CNS, you are not a member of the extended class. NP's are members of extended class, hence, they have extended scope of practice. CNS provide more leadership within the same scope of practice as an RN. I hope this helps.