NHS Sector Nurses student project survey (Please Read)

  1. Hi,

    I am a Nursing Student (child branch) and a group of us are doing a project in regards to NHS nursing. This presentation will deal with three types of Nursing sectors : Private , NHS and Volunteer or Charity based Nurse work. We want to compare job security , workload , job satisfaction , etc. Currently I need to hear responses from NHS Nurses. If you can simply respond to a short survey:

    1. What made you decide to work as a NHS Nurse?
    2. Typical workload
    3. Pay Scale / Grade
    4. Adequacy of staffing and quality work are they being met in your working life?
    5. How satisfied are you in current situation
    6. Nurse to Patient Ratio
    7. Do you have any intentions of leaving the Nursing Field?
    8. Future intentions?
    9. how many years have you been working as a NHS nurse?
    10. overal comments about NHS nursing
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