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  1. hi to everyone i have been receiving mail for almost a year from allnurses but I became a member yesterday. topics here are all nice and interesting. I am an RN from Philippines and recently working in Riyahd. i have passed NCLEX and IELTS but Im so worried of my agency because they filed my papers in USCIS last february but i dont know what happened because they said they refiled it again last month. Hope you can give me some advice and give me some referrals because im thinking of changing agency or look for direct employer. My agency is willing to coordinate if I have a direct hospital/employer. Thanks :spin:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    First, who is the agency? And they needed to have your permission to refile your petition? Did you actually give it to them, or did they falsify documents?"

    And why did they need to refile? That means that your initial petition was denied. Did they ever notify you of this?

    If not, they need to be reported to immigration, what they have done is 100% illegal.