new case of sars--oriental woman to t.o. recently. any info pls??

  1. i'm aware that a new probable case has come to t.o. again -- an oriental woman who came to t.o. recently... the news says "once confirmed, it will be another setback". any information about this case?

    i heard that the whole family is now quarantined just in case.

    does anyone have any additional info--where she was admitted, etc. (no names obviously).


    just curious and of course, still nervous about SARS

    ( matter how much the government tries to distract us scare tactics about with wn, small pox, mad-cow, foot 'n mouth, yadda yadda............)
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  3. by   steven44121
    There was an article in the paper about this. If memory serves she presented at emerg. at Toronto Western, all precautions were being followed and she was isolated immediately. The article stated that her contacts were basically family who are now in quarantine, but she was not symptomatic during her travel to T.O. so other airline passengers etc. were not being quarantined. I think I read about this on Monday, will post a link if I can find anything.
  4. by   steven44121

    Here is the link, hope it works. From the Toronto Star on May 4th.