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  1. Hello everybody out there......I am very much into residential aged care and I love working with the elderly at hostel level(assisted living)

    After many years in management and clinical nursing I am now seeking to work in the Phillipines as I have one adopted Pinoy child with another one on the way soon.

    Can a fellow nurse enlighten me of the possibility to acheive the above ?

    Money is not the motivator but the experience to cullturate our family.

    Please help if you can
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  3. by   manangmdrn
    Hi nerd,

    Right now, I am not aware of such facilities existent in the Philippines, but...I have an idea and I would be interested to exchange PM's and emails with you about it. (I will start PM'ing you about it, where I will give you also my email address.)

  4. by   nerd
    Dear managmdrn.......please tell me more....Alan