Needs advice.

  1. I need help, I'm from the Philippines and I want to know what are the things that I should do and pass to be able to work in Chicago and what are the best hospitals there...I need some advice..
    Thank you

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  3. by   EricJRN

    I moved your post to the International Forum. On this forum you should get some good answers related to becoming licensed in the US. Have a look around here - there are many threads with good info for international grads.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Hi and welcome to the forum

    You need to meet requirement for the state board of nursing for licensure for foreign trained nurse and then join the queue along with everyone else due to retrogression.

    I would suggest a good read on here as quoted in previous post especially threads called Primer to working in the US and on retrogression plus visa bulletins. You are looking at a couple of years before you arrive to work in the US and a lot of employers at the moment are delaying petitioning foreign nurses due to retrogression so better to get licensure and NCLEX out of the way