need help!!! so many questions.....

  1. hi!! i will be graduating this march and my parents are telling me not to take the local board exam here in the Philippines this june instead we'll go to California and take my NCLEX there. Can I take the NCLEX without any local license? we only have tourist visa am i allowed to take the NCLEX? What are the other requirements? How long does it take for me to confirm that I am qualified to take the NCLEX ? will i get the results immediately? What review centers can i enroll in that could guarrantee me passsing the exam? If ever i passed the exam can they change my tourist visa into a working visa so i could legally stay/work there? Are there other exams that i need to take like IELTS or CGFNS? I REALLY NEED HELP!!!! BADLY!!! I AM VERY PUZZLED RIGHT NOW AND I DONT KNOW WHERE TO GET ALL THE ANSWERS.. i really hope someone could help me...
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  3. by   suzanne4
    1. You do not need to take the NLE to work in the US.
    2. There is a retrogression in place at the moment, so do not suggest that you come to the US until that is over, there are no visas available for any foreign nurse right now.
    3. It takes at least four months or so for you to get permission to even sit for the NCLEX exam in the first place, do not recommend initial licensure from CA because of this. Without a SSN#, it will take you about 2 1/2 weeks to get your results if still in CA, if you go that route.
    4. You cannot even apply to CA until you have a completed set of transcripts and that goes for any state.
    5. If you come to the US and pass the NCLEX exam, if there are no visas available, there is not one thing that anyone can do for you.
    6. Also be aware that you would need to be in the US for at least five months, if there were visas available, before you could legally begin to work. Most do not have the funds to live that long over here without money coming in.