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  1. hi everyone im new here and its great to find a nice big community of all nurses in the world. suzane pls help im currently on the phillipines and i have a employer on chicago illinois the bethany methodist hospital. but my uncle said before they hire me and give me a visa, they need the reciprociti application, but i dont know where to get it, and im currently nclex passer from california, and i have cgfns, and ielts english exam and a rn here in our country, but i dont know what to do and what steps i need to do in order to work to chicago. what do i need? an endorsement or reciprocity? and where to get the application? im currently live here in phlipines. can anyone help pls. tnx in advance and more power to this community.
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    i think your question has been answered by suzanne in this thread. if you want more answer, i suggest you post it there. god bless!
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