Moving on with California LVN requirements and test process-

  1. Im one of those affected by the CA- BON concurrency requirements, its indeed saddening to realize you cant be an RN in California for now...its time for me to move on , and im eyeing for LVN license exam, what im concerned about is the type of test we will have and the requirements, has anyone taken the LVN for california? and what are the good review materials to look upon, would it be the same with NCLEX RN review? its confusing to me.. thanks a lot !!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    The exam for California is the same for other states and NCLEX PN opposed to NCLEX RN. Requirements will be on the BVNPT website and reviews will be similar to RN but will have some differences, but check out the NCLEX forum in the student section