Moving from UK to US nursing - Good or bad idea?

  1. I qualified September 2004 as a nurse within the NHS in England and I am now considering a future career within the United States. I would like to talk with people who have had similar experience of this and those who have made the full transition, I want to know whether it is worth it? I am currently a respiratory nurse with an interest in Intensive Care and Accident and Emergency nursing. Thank you all very much for your time. It is my first time using one of these services and I hope that i will benefit, thank you.:wink2:
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  3. by   enfermeria
    I just become a nurse for less than a year.. sorry
    I think it is really up to which type of working enviroment you end up with.
    I really depends on what unit and what hospital and what type of patient you work with. It really disappointed me when I moved out to floor nursing after working in ICU with 2 patients for a while.
  4. by   britgirl
    do it
    now while you are single,ive just joined today,and i wish i knew about this service earlier.i came out here 6 years ago and i have been back but returned,you will miss the social scene in the uk if you go to the wrong state,but the pay is excellent.and they are crying out for er or icu nurses;good luck