Melbourne vs. Sydney

  1. So, I'm putting this out to anyone who has worked/lived in either Melbourne or Sydney. I am trying to decide between these two cities to spend a year working abroad. I am from the US and love to travel. I would like to be able to travel throughout Australia, to New Zealand, and some islands on my days off. Which city has better public transportation, as I do not want to have a car? Which city is better to live in as far as cost, things to do and see, and access to things within the city and the country? Is the pay similar in the two states?
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  3. by   augigi
    Public transport? Same. Depends where you live, but both have excellent coverage; bus, train, tram, light rail.

    Pay? About the same.

    Cost of living? Sydney is way more expensive for rent etc.

    Access to the country? Probably better in Sydney, just because it's more central.

    Check the other posts, I wrote a big long one about Melb -v- Sydney in another thread some weeks ago.