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  1. Hi All
    OGP here in South Africa have told me that I will need to 40 hours theory and 80 hours practical in psychiatric and obstetrics.
    Is this the same for all state boards?
    I want to apply to NYBON when I graduate in March. Should I apply before doing the makeup courses, to possibly save time. They could verify my existing credentials while I do the makeup courses.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but you need to have the hours completed first, as you havwe to go thru CGFNS for the Special Credentials Verification for NY. (CVS). You will not get approval from them without having the classes completed. You also need the hours for the Visa Scfreen Certificate. And yes, all states require at least that number of hours.

    The requirements actually are for clincial and theory hours in an aprroved school of nursing.
  4. by   meloniez
    Thanks Suzanne!