LPN exam for RN students?

  1. One of my instructors mentioned to us a while ago that at a certain point through the RN program we are eligible to write the LPN exam, but I don't remember how far into the program it is or which instructor told us. Does anyone know or know where I could find out? BTW I'm in BC, Canada.
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  3. by   Chaundra
    I haven't heard about being able to challenge the LPN exam, but I was wondering why you would need to when you can work as an undergraduate. I worked in B.C. between 2nd and 3rd years and got paid almost 20/hr, which I think is more than an LPN makes, and it was great experience.
  4. by   Joeknee
    what were you working as?
  5. by   tazzyjo
    If you contact the college of LPN's in Burnaby,BC they will give you information. The do not have a challenge exam for RN students and you have to complete your 2nd year of the RN program and submit an application to be considered to write.