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  1. hELO everyone somebody plz help me. I just passed the NCLEX exam and right now I am scouting for any agency that will treat me fairly. Anyone can suggest an agency with a good record. Ive heard a lot of agency that only bogus operation. I hope somebody can help me.
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  3. by   lawrence01
    Hi. Welcome to allnurses.com

    I recommend reading the diff. stickies that can be found above, exp. re: agencies and contracts.

    Maybe you can tell a little bit more information such as w/c State you are licensed now and w/c State you intend to work. Also, have you done the Visa Screen yet?
  4. by   bonsai8888
    I am licensed in Commonwealth Board of Nursing. I still have no idea what states is better for a good headstart since I will be bringing my family with me.No visa screen yet. I really dont know where to start. Hope you somebody can guide me. I will ne taking my IELTS this month.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    best bet is read all the stickies on this forum and decide where you want to live. Primer to work in the US is a good start. Congrats on passing NCLEX