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  1. local board exam for dec is now moved. it was supposed to be dec 2 and 3 but now its dec 9 and 10. media are very much anxious about this dec board exam and i just hope somehow this exam would redeem "image" of nursing students and the nusring profession somehow. but ofcourse unless there's a clearer result for the issue of what happened last june boards; then that will be the time issues will have a natural death. i mean its not only yhose who took the exams are affected, there are also students who are yet to take the exams. and the stigma that attached to the batch. **also, there are new set of board members for bon for december; its just that they dont want to come out to the media unless the issues will subside;
    for those who are yet to take the local boards.. please do study and review well.. :mortarboard:anf let's not allow review centers to hinder our dreams...

    **i'll wait for your comments....
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