LMO in Alberta

  1. I am getting mixed responses in regards to LMO processing time in Alberta. Some are saying few weeks; some say few months and I even noticed someone saying 24 hrs for LMO to get approved in Alberta.
    I had Alberta Health Services (AHS) applied for LMO on my behalf last month. AHS said couple weeks, but haven't heard anything yet. Any input from Nurses who did go through this process?
    Also, wanted to ask how the public transportation system is in Calgary especially for those working individuals who don't have their own vehicle?
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Thread moved to International Nursing Forum. LMOs are not issues that the average Canadian nurse will be involved in at their workplaces. They are immigration issues.

    AHS is currently scrutinizing all pending external recruitment as a result of the reorganization the province is undergoing. The implication is that for the moment there is a moratorium on overseas hiring.

    Calgary has an excellent public transit system that includes bus and light rail transit to most areas of the city.