Links for Nursing governing bodies around the world

  1. Just a thought about a list that people can look at for information nursing around the world.

    will start it of with

    UK NMC

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    please limit posts to this thread for actual links for other countries, do not place questions concerning licensure here.

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    You must register with a province or terittory in which to work
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    thanks to another member on here got this link explaining requirements for Switzerland
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    ciao cara, as i told you i really want to help you
    so in order to have a global image about, look a little bit at...

    places in italia that hiring nurses (us much as i know now but i could find many others) are listed on the bottom. you can try to contact them and ask about the possibility to start to work with them

    - roma: santa lucia fundation, sant-andrea hospital, policlinico umberto i
    - torino: morinette hospital

    salary: 156 hours minimum contract, brut salary 1730, after taxes 1300 euro
    after hours saturday sunday, not more than 40 hours, but "negotiable" ...loooooooool
    maximum salary around 2000 euro. all in all in your hand working hard more hours after negotiation 2500 euro around.

    if you find an us hospital there you can change the condition. so for this i propose you to contact for all others requirements

    consociazione nazionale delle associazioni infermiere - infermieri
    via trebbia, 9 milano 20135 italy
    tel: + 39 02 5832 5428
    fax: + 39 02 5832 5428

    look on their site could help you for sure.
    my idea is to contact a english speaker head of nurses and explain her your situation for sure that she will give you the best advices. professor sansoni speek english, try to contact her.

    president of association and official delegate: ms santina bonardi (french speaking)
    [font=timesnewroman,italic]email: [font=timesnewroman,italic]
    deputy delegate: prof julita sansoni (english speaking)
    [font=timesnewroman,bolditalic]mailing address:
    [font=timesnewroman,italic]prof. julita sansoni
    [font=timesnewroman,italic]dipartimento sanit pubblica universit "la sapienza"
    [font=timesnewroman,italic]i-0185 [font=timesnewroman,italic]rome[font=timesnewroman,italic] - [font=timesnewroman,italic]italy
    [font=timesnewroman,italic]tel: + 39 06 495 9255
    [font=timesnewroman,italic]fax: + 39 06 495 9255
    [font=timesnewroman,italic]mobile[font=timesnewroman,italic]: + 39 339 648 0348
    [font=timesnewroman,italic]email: [font=timesnewroman,italic]

    hope that this help you a little bit to make an idea about. still try to find all papers for you cara.

    tanti auguri per tutto! and put a wish for zuzi when you will be a la fontaine! hugs and kisses love!
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