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  1. I am actually from Nepal but got my nursing degree from Bangladesh. I graduated on 2010 and received my license from country of education. Since, I went there only for a educational purpose, I didn't work there. I got back to Nepal and started applying for a license to work there. Now, what my concern is, I applied for CGFNS (BON Chicago Illinois) last year which is still under process. They were asking me a license from country of education which is already expired. I have submitted my active license from Nepal And CGFNS states meets all requirements.when I told them it is already expired,they still want license validation form from Bangladesh nursing council stating it is expired. I said I can do that but now I am having a problem,since Bangladesh Nursing Council is not willing to fill up form for me because my license is expired and they want me to renew it and want me come personally there to sign in a smart card which is a new rule. I can't go since I am here in USA in F1 student. Moreover, I am not a citizen,no use of renewing with and active license. Can any body suggest me what will be helpful and is there any other option??
    Thanks in advance.
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