Korean with US RN...

  1. i am a native korean with a u.s. rn license and a new u.s. citizenship. i worked as a nurse in the u.s. for one year about 4 years ago and i plan on going back very soon. so...

    1. does anyone know if there are any regulations i need to take care of before i can begin working? i don't want any surprises.

    2. are there any places that my korean language skills can be beneficial as a nurse? right now i'm looking at orange county california, so any advice about that area would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    As long as you are a US citizen, no problems. You will have a SSN# and that is all that you need.

    As far as areas, any that have a larger Korean population would be very happy to have your skills.

    Best of luck to you.:spin:
  4. by   sora-sora
    Hi Hyun SunWu

    My understanding is that there is one Korean hospital in Orange county.
    I hear that this is pretty big.
    But I really do not know the name.I am sorry.
    I hope you can find good hospital.:spin: