Is Rn Is Better Way To Get Gc For Indian

  1. hi

    is Nursing Is Better And Short Way To Get Gc Here.

    i M On H1-b Visa And I Have To Wait For Almost 10 Year To Get Gc.
    is Nursing Is Better Way Or Not ?
    can My Wife Do Rn Here And If So Associate Degree Is Enough To File For Gc.

    if So Please Guide , Form Where She Can Start ? And Step By Step Procedure And Time Require For It .

    i M In Dallas.

    thanks A Lot In Advence
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  3. by   suzanne4
    If she does the training in the US, then she can go the route of the two year degree, but be aware that it will be much more than two years to get it done. The pre-requisites will take about one year to get done and then there is no guarantee that she will get in right away.

    It is not an easy field for anyone to get thru. And to do it so that you can get a green card easier is not the way to go. It needs to be something that she really wants to do, or she will not enjoy it and not get thru the classes.

    If it is something that she truly wants to do, then check out the community colleges in your area.