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  1. Hi, guys:
    I will have an interview with Ramsay. I am in the US. I don't have any experience in interview with Australian hospitals. I would like to share some experience with people who had these experiences. What kinds of question will they give me? Will they ask me many questions about medicine? Will they pay more attention to questions about my personality or medicine?
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  3. by   rachelgeorgina
    What sort of Ramsay facility are you going to interview with? I ask because the operate everything from major private hospitals with ICU, OR and L&D to stand alone psychiatric clinics. I'm guessing that the type of facility and position you're going to interview for would have some impact on the types of questions you'll be asked.
  4. by   txx119
    Actually, I am applying for initial registration for registered nurse program. Before getting registration, I have to complete the program. Ramsay provides this program. However, Ramsay is going to give me an interview and then allow me to enter the program if I success in the interview.
  5. by   joannep
    I suggest you check out the ramsay website to get a bit of an idea of the organisation.

    I know they take pride in "the ramsay way" so they may ask questions to see if you fit their profile.
    They also pride themselves on the support they give new graduates, so you may like to check out the "grad plus" program. They may ask questions relating to how you support new graduates.
    There is a strong trend towards asking "behavioural" questions for interview, so be prepared for those type as well as "clinical scenario" questions.

    Be aware of the change for "English Language Requirement" for all state and territory nurses boards.
    1. ALL applicants applying for registration who have undertaken their nursing education outside Australia, must from 1 July 2009, demonstrate English language competence.

    2. ALL applicants required to demonstrate English language competence must achieve the prescribed test result as set out below:

    - International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – Academic test: a score of at least 7 in all four components of IELTS (Reading; Listening; Writing and Speaking) with an overall band score of at least 7;


    - Occupational English Test (OET) – Nursing Version: a B pass or above in all four sections.

    3. Applicants must achieve the above scores at a single test sitting and the test must have been completed within two (2) years.

    4. The English Language Tests are only valid for two (2) years from the date of the test.

    5. From 1 July 2009 nurses and midwives who have undertaken their nursing education outside Australia AND have worked continuously in English as a registered nurse or midwife for a period of no less than twelve (12) months (which has occurred no more than six [6] months prior to the date of application) in either the United States of America, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Canada or New Zealand will no longer be granted a waiver of the English language skills test.

    The Board will comply with letters of requirements issued prior to 1 July 2009; however there will be no extension on letters issued prior to 1 July 2009. Should a nurse request an extension of the requirement letter, they will be requested to provide the Board’s new English language requirement.

    Good luck
  6. by   txx119
    Thanks for Joannep's explanation.
    Hi, Lecna31:
    I cannot send you private message because I am new here and have not posted enough.
    I had an interview with Ramsay. I don't think I did a good job in this interview because the quality of phone was bad and I did not hear very well. The interviewer told me they would have more interviews and let me know the result in 2 weeks. How about you? When will you have an interview with them?
  7. by   lecna31
    hello txx119! thank you for the reply. i don't have a schedule yet. good luck :spin:
  8. by   lecna31
    hi txx119! how's your application to ramsay health care? i had my interview 2 weeks ago. hopefully we can make it and join the august 24 commencement :wink2:
  9. by   ramiboy
    goodluck for all of us then...i am waiting for my result as well. BTW you can pm me regarding this matter
  10. by   txx119
    I have not received any feedback from them. Maybe I failed in the interview.
  11. by   ramiboy
    Quote from txx119
    I have not received any feedback from them. Maybe I failed in the interview.
    when was your interview done? they usually say to give you the result 3 weeks after.
  12. by   joannep
    I'd send them an email or call them and ask for clarification, the recruitment person may be on leave or they may still be making a decision.
  13. by   tulkas
    just received an email. unfortunately, all slots for august 24 program are full.. ive been placed on the waiting list for future program..
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  14. by   txx119
    It is weird. I emailed and asked about the result of my interview. She told me she would find a hospital to give me an interview again. Why I need two interviews. Do you guys have a few interviews?
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