International RN Needed!!!!!

  1. I am an RN working in New York City. I am also in school working towards my Master's. A school project requires communicating with an International RN [any country], to discuss and make comparisons in cultural diversity and healthcare. Example - "What is the definition of wellness in your country"?

    Your response and help is deeply appreciated.


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  3. by   Mike-CPN-UK

    Will an English nurse do?

  4. by   Ali Dadgari
    Dear Carol
    I am a male nurse in Iran. I teach in a university in theoretical and clinical settings. I hope that I can help you, if you have any question about nursinf in my country.
    Ali Dadgari
  5. by   mmiriamasher
    I am head nurse in cardiac surgery ICU in Israel, worked in the UK many years ago as well, was a visiting nurse in NY Mount Sinai some years ago for two months, too. Also attended 4 NTI's and hope to go again this time. Will gladly hlp in any way. I also have a BA.
  6. by   aleksandar
    I am male RN from Zagreb, Croatia, Central Europe. If I could help you, just write...
  7. by   szoozoo
    I was an RN in Russia. So, if I can be of any help...
  8. by   I_Love_Donuts
    I worked in France, Switzerland and Canada...let me know if I can help!
  9. by   Peppurr101
    American nurse in cardiothoracics in London?