International nurse wanted

  1. Hi to anyone who may be interested, Current school project requires developing an email correspondence with a nurse from another country. Nine objectives dealing with an aggregate to discuss and compare cultural definitions of wellness. This would touch on legal, political, educational, social, and ethical issues. I know it's an imposition to ask a total stranger for this kind of help and there would be no compensation beyond just helping a fellow nurse, but boy, would it be appreciated!
    Hopefully, Claudette
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    School nurse for an autistic population in Brooklyn, N.Y.


  3. by   Mike-CPN-UK

    Cat seems to be asking for th same thing. She's in NY too!

    Will an English nurse do?

  4. by   Claudette
    Hi Mike, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but my computer took a lightening hit and it messed up the modem, so I've been off line for a while.
    If I knew how I would get rid of this thread because I don't need it anymore. It was answered way back in sept. or oct. and I got all the help I could use. Someone living in England too! As a matter of fact we're real good friends and communicate almost daily. Again, thank you so much for the offer.