Indemnity Insurance

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows of any other options for indemnity insurance in NZ beside NZNO and the College of Nurses Aotearoa.
    I'm currently taking time off to be with my last baby before she starts school in April, but will probably do some relieving in my previous occupation as a Practice Nurse. I'm also involved in a voluntary capacity with a support network.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Used to be that the colleges/unions were our only option here in Aust. but many insurance companies have decided to also open that route, Just be careful not to be ripped off and search this site for information about how much American nurses pay for theirs (it is not much I recall) so you have some sort of yardstick by which to talk to the companies (i.e. if it only costs $200/year in America where litigation is more likely then it should not cost $5000/year in NZ)

  4. by   RBNURSENZ
    I would still like a group who specialises in the nursing area, but would like them to ask opinions before they represent their members. I'm guessing I am stuck with my current provider as the best option but will be making sure they hear my voice in furture.:hatparty: