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  1. Hi all
    I wanna first say happy bithday for you suzanne
    And i have aquestion for you plz:
    I was checking my ces status and in see that they put for me IN QA review.
    so do u know how much time it will take for issuing the report and if thier any possibilities not to get my report??
    I met all the ces requirements and i passed the english proficiency exam.
    plz waiting yr reply
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes.

    When someone applies for the CES, once all of the documentation is received by them, then it is reviewed. It can be a couple of days, and it could be more than a month. No set guarantee as to when you will have it completed.
  4. by   mk566
    THX suzzan,I called them today and they told me that my report will be issued next week because i actually met all the cgfns requirement.So now and in your opinion do u encourage me to apply for NJ nursing board and nclex or wait till they recieve it to me or to nursing board??
    I can,t understand suzzy if they told me that i met the req why they might refuse issuing my report??
    thx agai for yr time
    You are really our big sister in this forum