IEN: What if CELBAN expired during the registration process

  1. Hi,
    my CELBAN result will be expired on 7Oct 2017. I've passed NCLEX-RN on 25Sept and got the result on 28Sept. I realised that I have one item outstanding, which is Police check.
    My city police station needs 4 weeks to process the police check, therefore, I found some agency to help, they said they can get the report on one day. According to CNO web page, registration only required a name based report. Therefore, I post their report (photo copy) to CNO by express mail and email to CNO on 3Oct.

    My questions is... do you think I can get the registration success ? or I still need to be rejected ... i'm very worry ...I have phoned to CNO office.. but rang for an hour with no answer... I do not know what can I do except waiting their reply.
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