I Passed !

  1. Recieved my CRNE results today and passed the exam-what a relief! Have been checking the mail box daily for weeks finally the stress is over.
    I have been an RN-FNP in the US for 12 years and remember the post NCLEX anxiety.Thought i was over that after years of practice and test taking/certification but I was surprised taking the exam-especially the written component how challenging it was.I now feel it was well worth the 500 mile drive to the test site after recieving the results!
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  3. by   NextSummer
    Congrats :smiley_aa I know it is such a relief...
  4. by   gentle02
    Yes it is a releif . WoW!!! I feel much lighter!!just like balloons! I still don't beleive it!!

    I will party Wednesday and Thursday Night !! LOL
  5. by   abcotta
    Please you guys give me some tips how to prepare for the CRNE? I took CRNE last week but I think I need to retake it.