how long the way to enter nursing university for me?

  1. I am a clinic nurse in orthopaedic department for 8years. I am in china ,graduated from a provincal medical college major of nuesing by selfteaching. I want to enter a nursing faculty in some university in Astralia to take a 1 year nursing bachelor degree training and at last get Australia RN.Can you give me some advice, thank you very much.Now I decide to quit my job in the hospital in order to concentrate my time and enegy to enforce my English ability(I have been learning English for 4 years in night adult university and in 3 months later I will get my diploma and bachelor degree in English faculty.
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  3. by   eirthjona
    Have a look at the message sticky at the top of the topic page. message 4 of that topic you will find the link to the australian uni see what they have to say about international students and their prior learning.
    I hope you do well.