HOw long do you have ATT for?

  1. I have seen the mention of 90 days, I think that was for Florida BON, but do other BON's put a time limit on. Just wondering how long i will ahev to get sorted once my ATT comes through as i have to organise a trip down to London from Edinburgh, childcare and of course have the money available to pay for the exam and the trip down.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    each state has different limits, may say something on their websites.
  4. by   mtjmnov
    Hi, it depends from the state you obtained your eligibility. In Vermont the ATT is valid for 90 days and 1 year in California.
  5. by   kathykaye
    in IL, it is 90 days.
  6. by   moon_dust
    hi how about in ny? thanxs!
  7. by   lawrence01
    I believe it's 90 days as well once you registered w/ Pearsonvue and once they issued you the ATT.