hospitals sponsoring green card california

  1. Does anyone know of any hospitals in california (except LA)that are willing to sponsor greencards for rn's?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Where in CA do you wish to work? The state is quite large. And what specialty do you have experience in?

    Have you taken the NLEX exam? Do you have a Visa Screen Certificate?
  4. by   bermuda02
    I would prefer the region around santa barbera to san francisco. nclex etc all completed just need the sponsor. Looking for labor/delivery work.
  5. by   kalayaan
    you can call the hospitals and ask them if they hire foreigners. theyll tell you if they do. when u find them, thats the time u submit your resumes. its to save your time and energy.

    skype lets u make free calls anywhere in the us. u can use that if u want to save money.