hi! query on nclex application w/out local boards exam

  1. hello everyone. i'm new to this community. i know everyone can help me in my querries. just want to know what are the reasons given by md's who are rn's but without local board exams certification. as i know, state of california is accepting applicants nurses who have no cgnfs certification and local doards exams certification. thanks everyone...
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  3. by   Rep
    When you applied to the state BON that doesn't require a Philippine license or CGFNS certificate like California all they would ask you to do is fill up the forms, pay the appliation fee, submit your finger print cards and have your school submit your transcript. CA is the one who do the evaluation of your transcript unlike NJ or NY where they have the CGFNS do the evaluation.
  4. by   suzanne4
    The valid reason is that you do not plan to work in the Philippines as an RN. That is all that you need to write on the application.
  5. by   FELICCI
    Hi miss suzanne, really? that reason is valid? so that should be written on a separate piece of paper, and that serves as the letter of explanation required when you dont have the philipppine license?