hi! important question re- Hepa B

  1. Hi to all of you! I just registered today in this site. I'm from the Philippines and I'm planning to enroll in a nursing school this summer. I'm a second courser. I'm 37 and is about to retire from my 16 years of work in a government agency.

    My important question is this: Before I finally try a new career as a nurse, I'd like to know if I can possibly work in any country outside the Philippines, preferably USA, UK or Canada. I have been inflicted with Hepatitis B since 1990. Got it from a dental procedure. Can you please advise me on this? I'd really like to work as a nurse abroad. But from what I've read so far in the internet and from other nurses here, they think its not possible for anyone with Hepa B to work in a hospital, here or abroad.

    Greatly appreciate your comments! Thanks!
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