Hi i from singapore

  1. Hi
    my name is Alvin from Singapore study Diploma in nursing worry about cannot find a good job in singapore as the hospital find it cheaper to get a foreign nurse so any one can tell me which country is easy to go and work and willing to take in fresh grad
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    Welcome. Good luck! Check out the International Nurses Forum Here: https://allnurses.com/forums/f75/
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    Welcome to allnurses.com! I moved your post to a more appropriate Forum for more responses. Good luck!

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    Depends where you want to work, Some countries prefer you to have some experience as a RN and you will have to either pass their exams or meet their criteria for nursing. Will not be a quick process and if looking at the UK there is presently a change to immigration for foreign nurses where hospitals have to employ first UK trained then EU before employing from else where in the world
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    Thank You for yours advise I have wait until next year as I still need to help my relative to do some small delivery business