1. Greetings of Peace!
    Would somebody please enlighten me on these:
    I have been issued a CP Certificate for having passed the CGFNS & IELTS exams. I would now like to apply for Visa Screen.
    Do I still need to submit another a)Request for Academic Records,
    b) Request for Validation/Registration of License,
    c)IELTS TRF?
    Can't CGFNS provide copies of these to ICHP for my Visa Screen?
    If I apply to New Jersey Board, will my CP Certificate be accepted in lieu of the CES requirement or will I have to apply for CES?
    Thank you!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    Suggest you have a read through this forum. CGFNS should be able to provide the documents to ICHP. Depends on what it says on the NJ BON website to whether they accept it or not, you may have to email them to check.
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  4. by   dave787
    in my cas they did not ask me to submit new transcript, the only thing i send is the IELTS official result which is sent by the IDP dirently to the ICHP.