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  1. soo confused and still undecided where to file for nclex.i graduated last oct2006, passed the local boards dec2006, i applied in a prestigious hospital which required 3 months training ended last june, they told me to wait for their call for my job interview but until today,no calls.i have 3 nclex application forms from cali, nevada, and vermont..i have relatives on all these states..can u pls tel me what are the advantages and disadvantages of each state pls?
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    You need to decide what you want out of your move to the US and with retrogression you are looking at a few years. I would not go with CA for initial licensure to be a RN in the US not NCLEX that is just part of the process, as they will not issue you with a license until in the US with a valid work visa. I would suggest a read on here