H1c visa

  1. how do you secure an H1C visa? would the economic crisis / US elections have any impact on these visas?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    There are only 14 hospitals that can use H1C and some of them haven't bothered with the visa for a while. The visa is up for review in 2010 and doubt it will continue past that. Yes I imagine economic issues will affect visa
  4. by   suzanne4
    Any visa is directly impacted by the economic crisis. And as Anna has mentioned, there are only 14 facilities out of the entire US that qualified to even bring nurses over under this classification. There are only 500 total at any given time to begin with as well.

    And since they are set to expire in 2010 and we do not expect them to be renewed, it is going to be hard to get this type of visa even in a facility that is on the list. And just because one is listed, it does not mean that they are bringing anyone over now or are considering it.

    Most on the list are no longer using that designation either.
  5. by   shinegh
    I'm a May Grad student on an F-I Visa. I'm