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  1. hello new here so i just want to introduce MD-RN and still working here in our country as an confused wether i will push thru to go there in the usa as a nurse or what?is there any MD _RN there already who can give me some points regarding my problem...
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There are actually quite a few MD-RNs here, from all over the world in fact.

    Not sure what the problem is for you.......the same procedure needs to be followed by you to work in the US as any RN would be required to go thru. No difference at all.

    Can you be more specific as to the issues or problems that you forsee?
  4. by   lawrence01
    There are no problems for MD-RNs whatsoever. You will apply for NCLEX eligibility to a State BON, and apply for VisaScreen certification just like any foreign-educated nurse will have to do.

    The only problems I observe for some MD-RNs, esp. consultants and those working full-time is that they don't give much time to do the paperworks and they don't follow through w/ it. Also, when finally they were able to have the eligibility to take the NCLEX, they almost always (those working full-time) find ways to delay themselves to take the NCLEX because they can't find time reviewing for it. And, yes some do fail the NCLEX and the CGFNS exam.

    I recommend reading Suzanne's "Primer" Sticky above to guide you. After reading the Stickies above and some threads here in the Int'l pls. don't hesitate to ask follow-up questions.