going back to the philippine as BSN student

  1. I am already LVN here in US for almost three years, and also have a bachelors degree (non-nursing) in the Philippines --now i am planning to go back to the Philippines this june/ july for BSN. I am thinking of going to La Salette University in Isabela, or Laguna Northwestern College in Laguna.. any thoughts/ advice?
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  3. by   b_segal_b_segal
    Are things that bad in the USA?
  4. by   Daly City RN

    Just make sure that these schools of nursing in the Philippines that you mentioned are not one of those diploma mills that have sprouted over these past several years to meet the sudden high demand for nursing courses.

    If you are going back to the Philippines from here in the U.S., then why not choose the top nursing schools in the Philippines that can offer you with a first rate nursing education? If and when you graduate from a very good school, then you will have a better chance of passing the NCLEX-RN and you will also be better prepared to meet the challenges of being an RN in the high-tech world of American health care system.