funding - degree or diploma

  1. Hello everyone - I hope you can guide me on this one.

    I am getting very confused about the funding aspect with nursing. I want to do the degree course. Do I receive a non-means tested bursary for this? Or only for the first 2 years or the course or what.

    I really require funding. If I don't get it, I may just about manage with a part-time job, although it will be tough.

    Thanks in advance....
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  3. by   sofaraway04
    for the degree the bursary is means tested. But you can then take out a student loan

    for the diploma it's non-means tested, but you can't take out a loan

    you generally get a bigger bursary doing the diploma which is around 400 a month
  4. by   toadflax
    Thanks for your reply. That's cleared it up for me. The bumf that arrived from CATCH didn't explain very well. I really want to go for that degree so that's the way I'll try and go!

    Thanks, again....