Excelsior College and cdn. grads?

  1. Hi! I am just wondeing if there are any grads practising here from excelsior college (distance program in the states)? or if you know of anyone who graduated from there who is now practising in canada?

    if so, pls. pm me...i'd like to ask a few questions about it.

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  3. by   almondhoney
    Just bumping for yah!

    It would be interesting to know!
    I do think you would have to write in NCLEX in the USA and get your BScN before you could practice in Canada. You probably would have to rewrite the test out here again.

    Anybody know anything?

  4. by   ofelia_srn
    I'm a Canadian currently enrolled at Excelsior ADN program.
    RN's are included in the job classifications that are able to obtain a TN work visa under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

    So to work in the US, all you need is an RN license(for the State you intend to work in ) and a job offer.

    Since there is a reciprocal agreement between the US and Canada, once you pass NCLEX , You will be eligible to take the Canadian Board.