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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Debs and i am a registered nurse in England. i work in a busy ED dept seeing in excess of 128,000 patients per year , stressful at times but i love my job. My husband is Canadian and so i have just started the process of registering with the Ontario College of Nurses in order to sit the CRNE. Any info of any kind regarding nursing in Ontario would be gratefully received, i did the CD ROM exam in the back of the prep guide and did ok but some of the terminology and drugs are obviosly differant from over here. What do you think my chances are of working in ER? I have extended skills such as suturing, cannulation, plaster application, venepuncture, immediate life support and defib skills. Also tips on living in Eastern Ontario would be great. I know im asking a lot but i need all the help i can get !!! . Thanks
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