Endorsment Question

  1. Hi I hope that somebody out there is able to help me

    I am a german educated nurse , passed the boards , have a Florida license , am an American citizen, have a SSN
    now I would like to endorse my license to South Carolina

    SC boards has several forms that I have to submit but I do not know what I should put on the one ( page 4) were they want me to tell them how many hours I have worked?
    Looks simulare to this:

    XXXX Certification
    verification of Compentency and Nursing Practice Hours worked

    XXX has worked ????? hours during the period of time.......
    I have never worked in the Us befor so what should I fill in, maybe somebody has an advice
    Thanks Monica
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Just send them a copy of the CES that you were required to do for Florida, that should take care of everything for you.
  4. by   ChristinaNcRN
    Thanks to are :angel2: :heartbeat