Emergency Nursing Specialty course through Mount Royal College - anyone done it?

  1. Is anyone doing/ or completed the Emergency/ Critical Care specialty nursing course through Mount Royal College?

    Just want some feedback. I've signed up for it in Sept.... just wanting to know what I am getting myself in to!

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  3. by   leosrain
    I'm thinking of doing the ICU stream of this course. I know you don't need it to work in ICU/Emerg, and I know one person who started the course when he went to ICU and stopped because he didn't find it neccessary.

    I'm of the opinion that more education is better! Not to mention, I want at least some knowledge before taking the leap to critical care. On top of all that, I think all RNs should have critical care training...and that is rarely taught in University here in Canada.

    Anyway, I know that's not that helpful...

    I'm looking forward to hearing any other opinions on this course.